Small Group Mat Sessions

Mat classes in groups of 4 to 6 Participants, often with the use of the Pilates Magic Circle, Foam Roller, Foam Arc, Ball, etc

With your Semester Subscription you train once weekly at your agreed upon day and time @ SFr 24 per hour, with one free session per semester.

We follow the published school schedules of Zurich. Each semester includes approximately 20 weeks. Availability permitting, efforts are made to accommodate occasional scheduling conflicts.

At the moment all mat classes are full. With enough interest, a new weekly group mat class can be opened.

Call or write today for an introductory trial lesson. Look forward to hearing from you!

Introductory Training for Newcomers

A one-off chance for you to discover pilates personal training @ SFr 75 for an hour-long trial session.

Personal Training on the Mat, Reformer, Tower, Arc,...

Personal Training Sessions for Beginners to Advanced Practitioners and People of all Ages, individualized according to current personal postural issues as well as your training goals. Static postural assessments as well as movement patterns are assessed and form a meaningful basis to create and maintain your ongoing tailored comprehensive pilates workout program.

Personal Training Subscriptions (SFr):  
Single Session 125
5 Sessions, valid 3 months 600
10 Sessions, valid 6 months 1,100
10 Sessions for mat class participants, valid 6 months  900
10 Duette Sessions per Person, valid 6 months 600

Goals of Pilates Training

  • targeted core strength training
  • integrated movement of extremities with the core
  • flexibility and strength
  • body awareness and posture 
  • mobilizing and stabilising joints
  • coordination

Instruction in German or English

Each training session lasts 60 minutes

Requests for retreats, events, home training sessions, etc. gladly entertained